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CityU_Octopus Card Mockup_V2.png

Product Design

Welcome to my product design portfolio, where innovation meets functionality. With a passion for creating user-centric solutions, I thrive on crafting products that seamlessly integrate into people's lives. Explore my projects below to witness the intersection of design, technology, and human experience.

2024 Calendar | SKDCC

Designed an upcoming year calendar for a designated program from SKDCC, which indicated all the holidays and important dates of the school calendar.

Welcome Gift - Hand Sanitizer | CityU GEO

During the pandemic, hand sanitiser became an essential product. Designed a sticker design on the hand sanitiser bottle with a warm welcome message to the exchange students as one of the welcome gifts.

Welcome Gift - Octopus Card | CityU GEO

Designed a card design for the Octopus card (Transportation card in Hong Kong) as one of the welcome gifts to those exchange students.

Welcome Gift - Mask Pouch | CityU GEO

During the pandemic, mask pouches became essential items for safely storing masks. We designed a special cover for the mask pouch with a message of hope, intending to encourage exchange students as one of the welcome gifts.

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